How secure is my Integrity data wallet?

The Integrity app serves as a local storage for personal data: every attribute remains on the user’s phone and not a bit is uploaded to the cloud, which means no hackers honeypot. This also guarantees that Integrity does not have access to its users data.

In this self-sovereign architecture, users are responsible for protecting their data with strong PIN codes or biometric recognition (fingerprints or face ID) and eventual smartphone encryption, based on the device used.

What happens when users forget their PIN code?

As users are self-sovereign, there is no way to reset a PIN code. However, the Integrity profile can be restored from an encrypted backup, with the help of the Recovery Key.

What happens to my data if my smartphone is lost or stolen?

Users should backup their data wherever they want, either on a physical device or on an online storage. Integrity offers an option to automatically synch an encrypted backup on Google Drive. With this system, all the Integrity information can be retrieved from the backup. If some signatures get compromised in any way, they should be published on the Revocation List.

How do I backup my Integrity data wallet?

Integrity currently offers the possibility to backup users’ data wallet on Google Drive. In one click, a secret key is provided and the data is encrypted and synched. The secret key should be keeped in a secure place. If it gets lost, note that it can not be recovered and your backup will be lost, as on Integrity, nobody but the users get access to the data.