What is Integrity?

Integrity is an open platform based on the Brickchain protocol: any organization or individual can leverage our technology to build products and reap the benefits of self-sovereign identity.

Integrity is made of three main elements:

  1. The Integrity App (iOS & Android) is a tool to store and manage personal data in a secure environment. Users control their identity through digital signatures. For example, at anytime, they can give or retract their consent for sharing information with a service. No more need for unsecure cloud repositories: the smartphone becomes a data wallet for decentralized identity management.

  2. The Realms which can be accessed through the Integrity App. They are web-based applications that are created and managed by organizations who want to provide a service, a resource, or a website to users, by granting them the necessary roles and permissions through mandates.

  3. The Integrity Services which are made available to Realm owners as out-of-the-box features. They can be anything from a KYC Service to a conference room booking system.

What is Brickchain?

General Brickchain principles

Brickchain is a decentralized identity protocol that enables entities (i.e. Users or Organizations) to share verifiable claims (i.e. Facts) about themselves or any other subject.

Validation of these Facts can be collected by dedicated applications (i.e. Realms) which may rely on this information to emit documents (i.e. Mandates) granting permissions to access services and perform certain actions.

To ensure accountability, every action generates a log (i.e. Receipt) that is stored on the user’s phone (i.e. via a client such as the Integrity app). Backups may be done on any local device or cloud service and they are recovered with a password.

How Brickchain delivers value

Relying on chains of trust removes the need for a single central authority: Brickchain liberalizes the root certificate market, by unlocking competition. Its technology lowers risks and entry costs as there is no central data silo to manage and protect. Any organization can use its current position and know-how to rapidly start being an actor of the identity supply chain.

In other words, Brickchain delivers value by enabling governments, banks, mobile operators or any other entity to both cut costs and monetize an existing trust capital. On the users’ side, personal data remains secure and under control.

Brickchain enables a trust ecosystem

Privacy-by-design guarantees a healthy ecosystem: restricted services can be delivered to specific users without having to delegate anything else than the right to access a particular resource. Granularity and decentralization remove hacking threats and alleviate security budgets, while putting users in control.

Overall, this distributed trust architecture ensures both privacy and security for all the parties carrying out transactions with the protocol.